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"Art is anything you can get away with." – Marshall McLuhan


Above all, the video stresses the youth’s desire to be heard and be understood, which is repeated by Perry Bellegarde in his opening speech to the Special Chief’s Assembly, and again by Chelsea Vowel in her personal blog. Bellegarde addresses the fighting that Indigenous peoples have done to be heard, and Chelsea Vowel stresses the need to move past merely talking, and rather coming together as occupants of the land to solve issues such as environmental sustainability and equality among nations. This video differs from previous attempts to be heard in that it arrives in a time of liberalness in Canadian politics, and furthermore gained momentum through a new form of media: a music video. The overall message of the video is that the land the youths live on is their home, and has been since the Treaties were signed. They will continue living on the land, but only ask for their water to be cleaned up. Their pleas are for cooperation, awareness, and understanding, from one nation to another. In this new era, in this new medium, it seems they are finally being heard.

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