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"Art is anything you can get away with." – Marshall McLuhan

Internship 1

I’ve heard that the field experiences will make or break a potential new teacher. We have read so much about how we as teachers need to identify ourselves within our teacher identities, and how this process comes over a great stretch of time. I hope that I am able to do so.

This blog will be the place where I post my reflections in a public-friendly way, so as to provide opportunity for self-reflection and, as it is on WordPress, provide me with a user-friendly platform where I can access it anywhere on the go. Additionally, I look forward to feedback from peers and superiors.

The hope is that I am able to establish working relationships with colleagues and students. I acknowledge that my time at the school here will be brief, but I hope that I can make a name for myself and think critically and reflectively about my experiences.

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