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Sovereignty and Nationhood is a theme which is touched on by the video and its background context very briefly in that they are underlying issues which envelope the relationship between Canada and Indigenous nations across the country. As the video stresses, the youth believe we must “stand together as a nation and express what we feel” (2:54), perhaps referring to all Indigenous or just the people of Grassy Narrows. This is important in that, prior to the election of the Liberal government in 2015 helmed by Justin Trudeau, dialogue between Canadian government and Indigenous peoples had been slim, as seen in Perry Bellegarde’s opening speech at the Special Chief’s Assembly. However, as he notes, he is optimistic because Justin Trudeau not only came to the Assembly, but he also raised his intentions to re-establish “nation-to-nation” communication, something that has emerged only recently in the foreground, along with more Indigenous presence in the media.

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